Best Gym in Treasure Island!

24/7 gym in the heart of Treasure Island, FL! 

A full-service fitness center with free weights,
machines, personal training, and fitness classes. 

Daily, weekly and monthly memberships available.

Fitness in Paradise!

There’s one thing you’ll have for the rest of your life, and that’s your body. Fortunately, the thing you’re “stuck” with is capable of so much more than you think. Our fitness center in Treasure Island, FL provides all the resources you need to supercharge your body and become the younger, happier you! Our athletic club has the unique space, culture, and equipment that promotes focus, commitment, and results. From day one, our mission has been simple: to foster a culture that is centered around helping people like you become the best version of yourself. Our unique fitness center is the only place where you break a sweat, step outside, and smell the waves. Seriously, it’s awesome! That said, we invite you, your friends and family to experience Treasure Island Athletic Club and see for yourself.

As health enthusiasts with a passion to help others, we started our athletic club with the idea of really making a positive impact in people's lives. We also built our fitness center in Treasure Island around the idea of offering fitness in paradise, without the “paradise premium.” That means our club is accessible to everyone, and meets a variety of needs for different people with different goals. Whether you’re looking to get stronger, lose weight, achieve mind-body balance, or even recover from an injury, our fitness center is the place that will take you there. What’s more, we promote a completely judgement-free zone with motivational elements and group sessions to help you become the better you.

...And by the way, did we mention our awesome beach location? How many athletic clubs can say that? Join Treasure Island Athletic Club and find your calling. Whether you’re looking to increase muscle elasticity, hit the iron, engage in group fitness, or heal up, this unique fitness center in Treasure Island, FL has something for everyone.